Construction Services

Construction Management

With Construction Management, an Architect/Engineer develops construction documents and the construction manager serves as the project manager providing pre-construction and construction services.

Construction Management at Risk has become the preferred delivery system for larger construction projects in the State of Florida. The reason is simple and it has to do with the economics of the projects. The CM-at-Risk process involves the contractor from the very beginning of the design process. This activity is called pre-construction services and it allows the construction manager to give the architects and engineers early input to help keep the project within budget parameters.

Also, because Construction Management at Risk is an open-book process, owners are more comfortable with pricing. Bidding is still conducted, but it is performed at the subcontractor level - typically involving three to four subcontractors in each category.


General Contracting

A General Contractor is the person or firm that contracts to provide construction services for an entire project. General Contractors hire subcontractors (e.g. plumbers, electricians, etc.), coordinate all work, and are responsible for paying subcontractors and vendors. 

The General Contractor is the party that performs or supervises the construction or development of a property pursuant to the terms of a primary contract with the property owner. The General Contractor may use its own employees to perform the work and/or the services of subcontractors when it’s in the owner’s best interest.

Design/Build Delivery

Design/Build Delivery is a construction delivery methodology that is gaining a great deal of momentum because of its simplicity (from an Owner's perspective) and cost saving potential. Under Design/Build delivery, the Designer/Builder warrants the sufficiency of the plans and specifications to the Owner. The Designer/Builder owns the details of the design and the Designer/Builder is responsible for any "gaps" between plans and specifications and the Owner's requirements for performance.  The Design/Builder pays for any shortfalls. Typically the Design/Build team is led by the construction side, although is not unusual occasionally to see a team led by the A/E component. Regardless of the leading role, the benefit to the Owner is the "single point of contact" concept.